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One of the most sought-after summer destinations of India is Nainital. Set around a tal or lake, this is a small town with cottage-like houses and steep mountains covered with green forests. The charming hill station of Uttar Pradesh has many villas, bungalows, and a number of other sites of tourist importance. Situated at an altitude of 1,938 meters, the actual elevation starts from Kathgodam that covers an area of 30 km, giving it a rise of almost 1,300 meters till it reaches Nainital. The road follows the Balaya stream while gradually rising upwards to reach the main Nainital town. According to the local legends, the name of the place has been derived from the Naini Lake that lies just in the middle of the town. This lake is also called Tririshi Lake. Another belief says that the name of the city has been derived from the famous temple of goddess Naina. We are a leading travel agent for India and offer complete travel and tour services to Nainital

Some of the important tourist sites in Nainital are:

The Naini Lake, regarded as the pride of Nainital, is a must-see place while in Nainital. The beautiful lake attracts thousands of tourists visiting Nainital every year. Tourists can also enjoy the boat rides on the lake. There are also yachting facilities, but special permission or a membership of the Nainital Boat Club is required to hire those yachts. The Kingfisher Yachting Competition held in the third week of June is another important attraction of this place.

Situated just 6 km away from the Nainital town is the Cheena Peak. This peak is also known as the Naina peak. It gives a wonderful view and, if visited on a clear day, one can get a wonderful view of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains and a birdís eye view of the entire Nainital Valley.

As the name suggests, the View Point offers a scenic view of Nainital town, the Himalayan snow-capped peaks, and the far-flung Tibetan borders on a clear sky day.

Just 3 km from the main town area is the Hanumangarh temple. It is highly revered by the locals here. But for the tourists, it serves as a beautiful sunset point. Just near the temple, there is an observatory. A prior permission could be of help if one wishes to see the night view of the moon from the observatory.

The St. John church was built soon after the British took over this place to be used as their summer resort. Built in the year 1846, the St. John Church stands in the wilderness. It is regarded as one of the oldest buildings of the town. With some architectural specialities, the church is situated near the Nainital Club.

About 3 km southeast of the town lies the British Cemetery. Further up the Tiffin peak, there is a flat and green area named as Dorothyís Seat. According to the popular belief, a British lady used to sit on this place after her husband died in a crash. The place provides a beautiful view of the nearby areas.

So all set for the trip to Nainital? As an experienced travel agent for Nainital we can take care of your entire trip from tour planning, air booking, railway reservation to car rentals and hotel bookings.

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