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Dwarka is one of the most important pilgrimage centers of the Vaishnavite Hindu religion. It is also among the four holiest abodes and seven holiest places for Hindus all over the world. The most important spot on the Saurashtra coast in the Kathiawar peninsula, at the point where the Gomti River meets the Arabian Sea, lies Dwarka. According to legends, it is here that Lord Krishna ruled. In addition to its temples, its legends and its fame as the town founded by Lord Krishna, Dwarka is also sanctified as the seat of Adi Shankaracharya who established the four seats of Hinduism (maths) in four different directions in the country. Dwarka is a township not only of great religious importance but its excavated remains are indication of its past glory.

Today, trucks trundle towards Dwarka to carry away salt and soda ash and fertilizers from the Tata Chemical Factory situated here. But pilgrims care little about modernity in Dwarka. For them what matters is the past of the town with its colorful legends and splendid temples with a wealth of anecdotes linking them to ancient times. Together, the temples, the legends, the history of Dwarka-the township of Lord Krishna-provide a golden link with eternity. We are a leading travel agent for India and offer complete travel and tour services to Dwarka

Some of the important tourist sites in Dwarka are:

The historic connection with Lord Krishna finds its focus in the Dwarkadhish temple-one of the most impressive Hindu shrines in the state. The temple is believed to have been built within a night, the temple, which is also known as the Jagat Mandir, is said to be 2,500 years old. Its richly carved facing hall is supported by as many as 60 columns and the temple raises five storeys high, the tip of its exquisitely carved conical spire stabbing the sky at 157 feet.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple is the Nij Mandir, attributed to, the great grandson of Lord Krishna. It is a five-storied temple with an 84-feet flag aloft on the highest spire. Though the temple is a landmark with its wonderful craftsmanship, photography is prohibited here. If one carries a camera along, it has to be handed over at the entrance before entering the temple complex.

The Rukmini Mandir is yet another Hindu temple built in the 12th century. For the Hindus, it is among the most important pilgrimage centres of the state. The temple is famous for the beautifully carved columns in its mandap (covered, pillared hall within a temple).

Another place to visit in Dwarka is the lighthouse there. A calm and quiet atmosphere provides one the much-needed relaxation out of the humdrum of the busy life. The lighthouse keepers are friendly and are always ready to guide one around the lighthouse in exchange for something that is not locally available-souvenirs like foreign coins are very much in demand as the lighthouse keepers there are fond of collecting old coins.

So all set for the trip to Dwarka? As an experienced travel agent for Dwarka we can take care of your entire trip from tour planning, air booking, railway reservation to car rentals and hotel bookings.

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